Master Qualified European Photographer

Master Qualified European Photographer

Master Qualified European Photographer.

RASTISLAV MARGUŠ of Czech Republic among them.

The Federation of European Professional Photographers gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia, for its 38th qualification judging session.

The Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP) Certificate is reserved for the more accomplished QEP holders. To date approximately 80 Top European Photographers have received a Masters distinction for their supreme quality.

To reach MQEP level the photographer must demonstrate flawless technical skills as well as strong vision. Unlike QEP, the MQEP does not need a category or a field of specialization. An MQEP panel requires 20 images, candidates can also send some supporting evidence, such as books, videos, albums etc. with the panel. The MQEP panels are judged by an international jury of 7 accomplished judges of the actual printed image during a judging session.

This time 6 MQEP applications were submitted, 5 out of which were successful. One of the new MQEPs is Rastislav Marguš from the Czech association (Asociace Profesionálních Fotografů České Republiky).  Judges found his panel to be a very strong, technically excellent aviation panel.

Rastislav Marguš, a multi-award winning aviation photographer born in former Czechoslovakia started with photography well back at the college at the beginning of his studies around the year 2000. Since 2004 he is a member of the International Federation of Journalist (IFJ) which was a consequence of prolonged cooperation with various life-style and aviation magazines. . Now enrolled in Digigraphie, the Epson’s program for Limited Edition prints and focusing solely on his own art projects under his brand RASTISLAV – Premium Photography Solutions. His portfolio besides Aviation Art includes, Femme Art, Geo Art, Fauna Art, Architecture Art, Street Art and Healing Art. He would like to express his greatest gratitude to masters of light and his photography mentors Martin Vrabko and Peter Frolo.

Thank You. Tbilisi, Georgia, 18 November 2018